Please get in touch for producing or mixing your project. You can send me your track mp3 demo or rough mix via dropbox. ( This way I will better understand your music and if I can really help improving your project sound. For the ones who don’t know me, on the top right of this page you can listen to some of my work. I am also on Soundbetter, here: I try to keep it updated.

Some notes for the gear minds:

I have set up shop and currently work at an amazing studio complex called Tic. Check this space Tic Studio Vienna. For mixing I use a Pro Tools/16ch summing digital analog hybrid solution I have been working on for a while. I am currently very happy with the sound results. I have been using a Phoenix audio Nicerizer summing amp for ages and I still love it and I am currently going through an Oram DM 16, which is genius because it has faders and it sounds gorgeous. I often patch the PT track outputs to other outboard. The mix bus usually ends up to Neve 2264s, the API 527’s, depending on project and then to an API 5500 or the Thermionic Freebird, depending on type of sound I am looking for. When I mix I take pictures of my outboard settings and save them within the session folders. Not a big hassle, and mixing is much more fun and interesting with greater sonic results.


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