Upgrade to my mixing studio – updated

I recently upgraded my mixing studio in Tuscany with the sweetest and sexiest sounding compressor I have ever heard: the Inward Connections TSL 4 Vac rac.

Together with the TSL4, the core of my mixing setup is a Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16ch summing amp, 2 API 527 comps (which I use as a parallel comp, mostly  on drums) and The Thermionic Freebird EQ, which is wonderful. I miss mixing with the console, but this is a very good compromise and it gives me more control and recallability. I run the Pro Tools tracks into an Apogee Symphony and I built a patchbay to connect to my outboard and the Api lunchbox anytime I wish.

On April 2013 I added 2 Neve 2264 LB which i use a lot on the mixbuss or drums depending on songs (sharing these tasks with the api 527s), a Retro doublewide (beautiful on bass and vocals) and an API 5500 stereo Eq which also shares the buss eq or guitar eq with the Freebird, depending on type of music.


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  1. I have a home project studio and I was thinking about an upgrade to get a more colored sound than mixing completely in the box. I came across the Phoenix Nicreizer recently and I heard your mixes on the Phoenix site. Nice job by the way. I am fairly new at producing my own music using a UA Apollo, some UA plugins, UA 6176 and True preamp with some good mics. I have been told that a good buss compressor would be more bang for the buck and some people don’t like summing mixers at all. The nicerizer is on sale now though. You are far more experienced than I so I would appreciate your thoughts.

    P.S. Is it just me or is there some distortion at 3:00 (second chorus, the word stone I believe) on the nicerizer mix posted on the Pheonix Audio site? If you hear that too could the Nicerizer be the culprit?

    • filippo *

      Dear Paul, thanks for reaching out. Yes a high quality buss compressor is maybe prioritary over a summing mixer ( in fact i first invested in a hardware buss comp, then i decided to mix with 16 analog outs), having said that i love my Nicerizer as I have it tested over many others and it is capable of giving a silky top end, bigger lows and more musical result. Don’t recall the distortion but it’s for sure my fault, not the Nicerizer :)

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