Some words from past projects:

Filippo Gaetani is a brilliant producer whose musical ear is pure genius. He thinks outside of the box, creating worlds that fascinate, intrigue, inspire, and medicate the soul. Filippo Gaetani is not only captivating with the sounds he creates, but also pure joy to work with… an absolute gem. I am glad to know him as a producer, co-writer, and friend.

Adrina Thorpe

Filippo is a marvellously talented music producer, songwriter, musician who completes even the most difficult and challenging projects with flair! His home base in Italy offers the opportunity to merge cultural multiplicity with international musical productions.

Don Grusin

I think Filippo is a gifted Producer/Engineer. I have a lot of his work and it all sounds outstanding. If I were in need of a producer/engineer I would certainly think of him.

Al Schmitt

Filippo was 1 of my 1st clients as a Mastering Engineer at Metropolis. I mastered his album project “Gently Hard” by the Italian artist, Malina. CD Baby quote: “This album is a pop rock gem, hidden on the shelves for more than 5 years. Finally it sees the light through CD Baby! Exceptional singer and songwriter Malina, equally talented in performing pop and jazz, co-writes these great songs with musician-producer-composer Filippo Gaetani (Tessa Drummond, Adrina Thorpe) during 1997 and 1999. The album was recorded at Le Bozze studios in Tuscany, Italy. It was then beautifully mastered by Julian Lowe at Metropolis Mastering, London.” (I had to keep my bit in!!!) And a happy shopper’s quote: “The music is well written and arranged with the flow of a gently flowing river. This CD is a must-have for the serious listener.” Since then, I’ve kept in touch with Filippo & have visited him in Tuscany to see his studio, as well as Le Bozze. Even though it had been a gap of a few years, I found him as warm & as passionate as ever about his sound, compositions, arrangements & recording techniques. I can highly recommend him as a man with very musical ears & very fine taste in restaurants & good food! Just the sort of producer you want on board!

Julian Lowe

In music, trust is everything. From my very first session with Filippo I knew I could trust him to get the very best from my songs, and from me. Filippo brought endless enthusiasm, attention to detail and a wonderful ear to the recording and mixing of my album.

He was the magic dust that brought the record to life. Since the album was released we’ve kept in close contact on both a musical and personal level and I am happy to count him among my friends.

Peter Doran

Why Filippo? 1 – Why not? 2 – Funny guy 3 – Excellent producer 4 – Brilliant thinker 5 – Superb cook 6 – Awesome footballer 7 – great drum sound and Drum programming 8 – Knows the value of “Less is more” 9 – great taste in movies 10 – Bass player a la “wow, I never thought of that Filippo… cool!” 11 – unlike so many in this industry Filippo doesn’t have a huge ego problem 12 – Priorities in control 13 – He knows when to say yes and when to say no 14 – positive thinker 15 – great motivator 16 – he knows how to let someone breath artistically 17 – awesome studio knowledge 18 – quick thinker 19 – he knows how to eat properly 20 – is wise to the advantages of knowing monty python 21 – fantastic person to talk to

Phil McCammon

Working with Filippo has been a fantastic experience. He is very thorough, straight forward, and most over all has an immensely positive attitude to the process of recording and achieving goals. This is invaluable, in this sometimes harsh music industry. He knows how to complete a project from start to finish, and has been amazing at spreading the word about our musical endeavours. I look forward to doing more work with him in the future.

Jessie Grace

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