Recording at the Grouse Lodge, Ireland

My latest memorable sound adventure happened at the Grouse Lodge in Ireland, a wonderful residential studio with a great team of people.

I recorded 2 great acts from the Dublin area, Arrow in The Sky and Peter Doran Band. Both were great sessions with special people. Brian Murphy of Arrow recorded a huge variety of acoustic instruments and it was interesting and great sonic fun.

We recorded Peter Doran band completely live in studio 1, like the old times, as I always loved to do. There are plenty of pictures of this unforgettable session on my facebook page and on Peter Doran page. We did drums, acoustic guitar and vocals, electric guitar and bass in one unique recording using the Neve VR and a variety of great outboard.

The energy of the band was amazing and more than 50% of the complete live takes will make it to the album. There is also a video from an interview that i will post sometimes soon in which i explain why it is so wonderful to record people live in the studio. Lots of video material was shot and you should keep an eye on Peter Doran pages to watch.

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